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ومسلمه مسلمٍ كلِّ على فَريْضَةٌ العِلْمِ طَلَبُ

Seeking Of Knowledge Is An Obligation Upon Every Muslim, Be It A Man Or A Woman


The training and education of our children must be our highest priority. Providing an Islamic Education is a substantial investment and sacrifice. But as we consider the responsibility that Allah has entrusted to us as parents, it can be the best investment that we ever make. When our children are young it is so important that they receive a strong and consistent message, thereby contributing to a solid foundation that the child can use through out his life.


To promote a positive environment of Islamic morals and values it is necessary that both parents and school work together, to teach students responsibilities and respect for themselves and others.
Following disciplinary actions will be taken depending on the severity of infraction:
* Verbal warning by the teacher or administrator.
* Note sent home to parents.
* Teacher or Administrator contacting parents.
*Request for Teacher-Student-Parent conference.
We have a team of sincere and motivating teachers who are responsible for implementing the prescribed curriculum. They are committed to educate the students in most effective manner possible and facilitate and overall positive school experience for the students. They use teaching strategies like holding periodic quizzes or test, home work assignments, projects and class discussions.
Our comprehensive and relevant curriculum is divided into three sections.

Quran, Akhlaq and Fiqh
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